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two rows silver of safety deposit boxes with numbers and two keyholes on the doors

Are Safety Deposit Boxes Actually Safe?

Protecting family heirlooms, collectibles, and important documents can lead to an endless amount of worry. Although many of us have been led to believe that safety deposit boxes offered by banks across the United States are safe, it doesn’t mean your property is fully protected. This sense of worry can escalate if you’ve heard the… Read more »

HRCCU holds Donation Drive for The Pines at Glens Falls Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation

Hudson River Community Credit Union’s guiding principle is to make life better for our members and the communities we serve. In light of these principles, this week we would like to shine a spotlight on our Glens Falls Branch staff for helping make the donation drive for The Pines at Glens Falls Center for Nursing… Read more »

four adults standing in front of a stone wall holding a check donated to the Give to Dine program

HRCCU Helps Donate Meals to Local Families Affected by COVID-19

Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU) staff members, with the help of Corinth Central Schools, is set to donate $2,000 in meals to local families who have been impacted by COVID-19. Partnering with Ball Corporation and Saratoga County Capital Resource Corporation, HRCCU will help to distribute meals in the form of gift cards to families… Read more »

adult couple holding blueprints for a new home standing inside the new structure

6 Things You Can Do to Save Money While Building a House

When you’re looking to move, the question of whether it’s better to buy a home or build something new can linger in the back of your mind. If you opt to purchase a home, the square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property, and more are already determined. Those who decide to build a home may… Read more »

adult man with black hair and glasses wearing a blue collared shirt working on a silver laptop with a large computer monitor behind it

Does Working from Home Save You Money?

As the events of the coronavirus pandemic began to unfold throughout 2020, businesses around the globe had to shift from working in office spaces to remote working. Even though remote jobs had already been increasing in popularity due to technological updates and restructuring businesses, the ability to work from home became essential for many of… Read more »

adult sitting at a table with a silver MacBook holding a white iPhone checking the stock market

5 of the Best Short-Term Investment Options in 2021

For many of us, our goal is to live comfortably — especially during the golden years of retirement. To do so, financial investments are essential. And as we learned from 2020, our nation’s economy and individual financial stability can be compromised, leaving many people scrambling for income. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, 2021 could be… Read more »

adult sitting at a table creating their budget with a white Samsung tablet and papers showing graphs and pie charts

4 Steps to Creating & Sustaining a Budget

For many adults, creating a budget can feel frightening or overwhelming. And being able to stick to a budget can feel like an impossible task. But a budget is one of the most important financial tools a person can establish for themselves. It’s also something anyone can benefit from, no matter their age or income…. Read more »

adult male holding a blue credit card sitting at a table using a silver-colored laptop to shop online

Pros & Cons of Online Shopping

Shopping online has quite a few benefits, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person shopping is either limited or nearly impossible. Purchasing plane tickets, groceries, household necessities, or office supplies has never been more convenient than it is right now. Online stores can also be quite competitive with prices and products, providing shoppers with a… Read more »

Saratoga Regional YMCA employees accepting $10,000 check from HRCCU CEO Sue Commanda to assist in their youth programs

Hudson River Community Credit Union Donates $20,000 to Capital Region Youth Centers

Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU), as a local not-for-profit credit union, is dedicated to bettering the lives of its members, families, and community. Part of this mission involves giving back to the local community in a variety of ways, including drive-thru food drives, donating to first responders, and hosting fundraiser events. Youth Center Donations… Read more »

black wire-framed glasses on a yellow piece of paper next to a black calculator, loose change, and a green piggy bank

5 Budgeting Tips to Help Save Money & Stay Within Budget

Creating and sticking to a budget is easier said than done. Many of us start the month with the best intentions but then find ourselves exceeding our spending limit. There are several reasons why a person can overspend on their budget. Holiday shopping, overspending on items just because they’re on sale, or forgetting to keep… Read more »