4 Ways to Save This Summer


Warm beaches, local festivals and summer trips! There’s no question that the summertime opens up all kinds of options that are unique to the season. While the opportunity to spend more time outdoors definitely has its perks, it does come with one caveat – that itch to go out and do more can also have a hefty price-tag. Luckily that doesn’t have to be the case as there are tons of things to do in the summer months that can scratch that adventurous itch. Here are four steps to saving this summer.

1. Take Advantage Of Free Events

One great way to have fun in the summertime without spending a ton of cash is to take advantage of free local events. Look into free summertime activities at local parks and cultural hotspots. Cities and towns also will often have a range of different things going on, like free movie showings, free concerts, free museum nights and local festivals that have free entry. Replacing the cost of buying a movie or concert ticket with a free alternative is a great way to save plus you’ll get to spend a little more time outdoors instead of being stuffed into an indoor theater or concert hall on a nice summer night.

2. Travel Local(ish)

There’s nothing wrong with travelling, but it can be expensive. Before you decide to take a big trip somewhere far away, look into places nearby that have comparable attractions. If you can find something similar that doesn’t require a flight or long road trip, you’ll save big on travel and lodging costs without eliminating the fun. Taking a day or weekend trip instead of a week-long trip is a great way to save money while still getting out of town for awhile.

3. Cut Electricity Costs

There’s a number of ways that you can cut your electricity costs in summer months:

  • Summertime means more daylight, so use that to your advantage! Instead of staying in and watching Netflix, spend some of that bonus time outdoors. Using less electricity daily will cut your electricity bill and you can tuck some of that savings away.
  • Summer nights can be sweltering at times, but there’s also some cool, breezy nights. If you’ve noticed that it’s a nice comfortable night, make it a point to turn off your AC and open up your windows to let the cool air in.
  • If it’s an option, hang your clothes up to dry outside instead of using a dryer. Whether you have a dryer in your residence or go to a laundromat, the costs of drying your clothes can get expensive. This isn’t always possible as there’s always going to be rainy and cloudy days, but it’s a good way to save a little money, weather permitting.


4.  Put Your Savings in the Right Place

While taking some of these steps are great for creating summertime savings, the key to making those savings count is making sure that you’re putting your money in the right place. HRCCU offers a number of savings accounts that protect your summer savings and help them grow, so that you don’t feel like all that penny-pinching has gone to waste! For more tips on growing a healthy amount of savings, we’d recommend our blog on saving when you haven’t saved anything.