6 Ways HRCCU Online Banking Makes Your Life Easier


Not too long ago, banking used to be a pain.

If you were worried about your account balance, wanted to make sure a check cleared, or needed to make payments or account transfers, you would have to do so in person or over the phone.

With much of life moving into an online space, banking has followed suit online — enabling banking to be quicker, easier, and more convenient than ever before.

HRCCU has made it a priority to create an online banking platform that prioritizes you, the user.

Just like conventional banking, not all customer experiences are created equal.

So, just how does our online banking make your life easier?

1. Account Access 

With the ability to view your account balance and transaction history with just the tap of a finger, you no longer have to wait with bated breath to find out how much money is in your account.

Charges will show up instantaneously, that way you know how much money you have available at any given time.

That means no more worrying about a purchase being declined or wondering if you have the balance to pay a bill.

2. Online Bill Pay

Speaking of paying bills, our online banking makes it simple to pay through the site or the HRCCU mobile app.

Just connect your bill payments to your account and any recurring bills that you have can be withdrawn from your account at the same time every month.

Forgetting to pay a bill? That’s a thing of the past. This goes for any loans that you have with HRCCU as well.

Feel like paying down a little more on a loan this month? It’s never been easier. Just log onto your online account and make a payment, simple as that.

3. Remote Depositing 

Payday — it is a great day.

What’s not so great is having to wait until the workday is over to deposit your check.

With remote deposit, a check can be quickly deposited just by snapping a picture of the front and back of your check and hitting “submit”.

This comes in handy not only on payday, but in any situation where you want to deposit some extra funds into your account via check.

If quick access to funds is the name of the game, HRCCU has you covered with remote deposit.

4. Seamless Fund Transfer 

Our online banking allows for the quick and easy transfer of funds from one account to another — and this isn’t just limited to accounts with HRCCU.

If you have bank accounts outside of our credit union, you can transfer money to and from those accounts with ease.

We aim to make managing your finances as easy as possible.

5. Personal Payments With Popmoney

Pretty much everyone has experienced this scenario: you’re at a restaurant with friends or family, and when the bill comes, splitting it becomes a pain.

Some people only have cash, some people only have cards, and your server is impatiently tapping their foot waiting for you to get it together.

Someone puts the whole bill on their card and prays that everyone else will actually pay them back at some point.

With personal payment through Popmoney, repaying friends and family can be done quickly, easily, and most importantly, securely.

Money goes straight from bank account to bank account with no “middle account” to move money in and out of. All you need is a bank account and email or phone number.

6. Easily Understanding Your Finances

HRCCU also partners with AllData PFM to help our customers build their own financial portrait, whether all bank accounts are with us or range across multiple financial institutions.

AllData will collect all of your financial information from a swath of online sources and compile it into one easy to understand financial portfolio.

It turns our online banking into the hub where you manage all things money-related, from investments to cash flow to budgeting and savings goals. With built-in alert systems for self-imposed spending limits and easy access to your financial info in one, easily accessible place, there’s no better tool for keeping a tight grip on your finances, past, present and future.

HRCCU has many financial tools and offerings to help our members reach their financial goals sooner.

Become a member today.

If you’re already a HRCCU member, enroll your account into our online banking platform and utilize our online resources today.