HRCCU Stands Strong with Local Communities

In times of uncertainly and struggle, HRCCU understands that as an organization we need to support our local communities. Our core values at HRCCU include communication, collaboration and integrity. With these values, comes great responsibility and the need to act during challenging times such as the novel coronavirus. 

World and national leaders have called upon organizations to step up to the plate for their communities and HRCCU is no exception. In response to these calls to action, we are proud to announce our donation of 900 insulated tote bags to the Corinth Central School District in order to help with the distribution of school meals (breakfast and lunch) to every Corinth child.


We have also donated 100 face masks to Saratoga Hospital from our pandemic preparedness kits in an effort to provide our health care professionals with the protective gear they need to fight the virus and protect their health. It’s the least we could do to help those on the front lines of this crisis in our communities.

We recognize these are difficult times, but we are confident that our community will weather the storm and come out stronger. As an organization, we will continue to speak with local officials in the communities we serve, to find ways that we can help during this crisis.