Easy Tips to Save Money Each Month


Put $52 aside the first week you start; $51 the second week; $50 the week after that and so on… It’s a lot of money at the beginning, but that weekly amount continues to lessen over time and at the end of the year you’ll have an extra $1,378.

The coldest days of winter are ahead of us: How’s your insulation? Is your boiler checked? Gutters cleared? A little preventative maintenance now will save you big bucks later.

    • January: Practice “Dry January”: No drinking! In fact skip all bottled beverages, including soda and water. Drink from the tap!
    • February: Skip all restaurants and fast food. No eating out for a month. You can do it!
    • March: Resolve to not buy anything from a retail store or online; Groceries? – Yes. New shoes? – No.
    • April: Don’t spend money on entertainment. See how much you can do for free. Instead of renting a movie – have a family reading night.
    • May: How about “Meatless May”? Don’t eat any meat this month. Center veggies on the plate.
    • June: Sweat it out without air conditioning.
    • July: Go through your subscriptions and cancel everything you don’t use or need.
    • August: Sell some things and put the money into savings. Nothing to sell? See if you can pick up a little side work on Craigslist and save the money you make. Drive for Lyft; Help someone move and get paid for it; Wash your dishes versus using the dishwasher.
    • September: On Sept. 1st, put $1 into savings; On Sept. 2nd, put $2 into savings, and so on. At the end of the month, you’ll have $465.
    • October: Quit an expensive habit – Just for the month. Skip the morning latte; Do your own nails; Give up smoking; Purchase store brand items over name brand.
    • November: Keep the heat off until the blankets aren’t cutting it anymore.
    • December: DIY holiday gifts and swaps! Insist on it.