The Ultimate Guide to First-Time Home Buying

Spring has arrived and with it comes new beginnings, fresh ideas and a desire to shake off winter’s slumber to embark on a new adventure. Perhaps your desire to acquire a first home is blossoming once again. It’s the right time, and Hudson River Community Credit Union’s (HRCCU) Mortgage Center is the perfect place.   

Maybe you’ve been told first-time home buying is a daunting process, riddled with endless paperwork, hidden fees and concerns about less-than-stellar credit. At HRCCU, we strive to make your first, or any, home-buying experience positive and definitely painless. Our caring team will guide you through every step, always with your best interest at the forefront. And when it comes to credit, a mixture of factors are evaluated to determine credit-worthiness. So, it’s not just about your credit score. There are truly no concerns that should deter you from pursuing a mortgage with HRCCU.

It’s been said that first-time home buyers often don’t know what they don’t know. They depend on realtors to be their advisor. But they might not always know the specifics about home mortgages. Once again, that’s where HRCCU comes in…to be your advocate.

HRCCU has broader approval requirements and fewer fees, so we can often help more people than traditional banking institutions. Among the many benefits of working with HRCCU instead of a traditional bank is the assurance that someone is on your side…truly your supporter and guide through the process.

The HRCCU First-time Home Buyer Difference:  

  • There is no application fee for first-time home buyers.
  • HRCCU is a not-for-profit, so the goal is to help members secure a home loan that works best for them. We aren’t just trying to make money off of our members
  • Members can apply for a mortgage online.
  • PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) is very costly. HRCCU never charges PMI, which does not protect the buyer but rather the financial institution.
  • HRCCU offers a very simple process for obtaining credit approval going into the home search process. This provides our members with the pre-qualification required by realtors. Once the desired property is found, members can return to HRCCU so we can assist through the loan process.
  • Members don’t have to be involved in a complex, stressful home-buying situation. With HRCCU on your side, most of the intricate details are handled behind-the-scenes.
  • We determine credit-worthiness based on the information members provide, rather than solely based on a credit report.
  • HRCCU offers expedited closings, which can be completed in as little as 30 days.

When it’s time for you to embark on the very important first-home purchase, HRCCU is ready to help make your home-buying dreams come true!

To learn more about HRCCU mortgage options, as well as navigating first-time home buyer details and the application process, go to our Mortgage Center at

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