Ready, Set, Go. The Facts About GREENLight Auto Loans

So, you’re in the market for a new vehicle, and you’ve done your research.

You’ve found the one.

The “new car” scent already permeates your senses, and you imagine yourself looking good in your new ride. Start your engines, you’re ready to roll.

But wait, what about financing? Have you done your homework on that part of car buying?

GREENLight auto loans at HRCCU make financing a car easier and cheaper than other loan options.

Maybe you thought the dealership would direct you to the best loan options, or perhaps you plan to think about it when finalizing your deal at the sales table.

At Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU), we want to see you in the driver’s seat during your entire purchase, including the financing.

GREENLight Auto Loans

GREENLight Auto Loans is an auto loan that takes away the guesswork and will have you sitting comfortably with payments up to 40% less than those with conventional financing.

For example, say you have a $30,000 vehicle loan with a 36-month loan term.

The guaranteed future value (GFV) is $16,500.

  • Payments 1-35 = $464.80 per month
  • Payment 36 = $16,500 (GFV)

Unlike leasing, you own the vehicle. With a GREENLight Auto Loan, you still get the benefit of significantly reduced monthly payments compared to conventional loans, even when financing the same amount.

For example, on a 36-month, $30,000 conventional auto loan, your monthly payments would be $869.13.

The same $30,000 financed for 36 months through our GREENLight Auto Loan results in monthly payments of only $464.80. Now that’s more bang for your buck.

We’ll show you how easy it is to secure such a great deal and enjoy your sweet ride for years to come.

When your loan matures, the vehicle’s guaranteed future value (GFV) offers you several great options.

With our outstanding cheap auto loans, you will have the freedom of choices that never leave you feeling trapped.

Our helpful team can assist you through this important decision-making process.

End of Loan Opportunities with a GREENLight Auto Loan

Trade In

Much like the end of a conventional auto loan, you can trade your vehicle in and use the positive equity you have built over the course of the loan towards your next vehicle purchase.

For example, if the GFV is higher than the current value of your vehicle, trading it would be a wise option.

However, if the reverse is true, you could take advantage of the strong flexibility of the GREENLight Auto Loan, which would give you the chance to move forward with a trade in or consider keeping your vehicle.


If you decide you love your vehicle so much that you can’t part ways, or you find that the GFV is lower than the vehicle’s current value, you can keep it and pay the GFV.

With vehicle retention comes the ease of refinancing the balloon payment right here at HRCCU, where you benefit fromour competitive auto loan rates.

We are always here to help you navigate the possibilities.

Turn In

Maybe you’ve enjoyed your ride for several years but you want to wait and explore other avenues instead of trading or keeping it. If that’s the case, you can turn in the vehicle and walk away from the final payment (GFV).

The prospects aren’t endless, but you will sure feel like they are when you secure a GREENLight Auto Loan at HRCCU.

Our friendly member services team is ready to help you with a GREENLight Auto Loan or any of our other banking services.

Please come to one of our branch locations or contact us online.

If you prefer to review everything from the comfort of your own home, feel free to peruse our online GREENLight Auto Loan content.

While you’re there, check out the GREENLight calculator. You can have fun experimenting with different loan amounts and payments, before you sign on the dotted line.