Security Center

Hudson River Community Credit Union is committed to our member’s confidentiality, and security. Because threats are ever-changing, we are proactively advancing our security practices to help protect your financial information. The online services we provide, are built on a foundation of sound security practices, thoroughly tested technologies and highly trained and experienced staff. The combination of Internet expertise and in-depth knowledge and experience in the credit union services industry provide a secure solution to members concerns. You may rest easy knowing that our member’s financial information will be protected with state-of-the-art security every step of the way.

HRCCU wants you to be protected.

Each time you use our online banking services, you want to be assured, first and foremost, that effective safeguards are in place to make your experience safe, secure, and reliable. When you use online banking to visit our credit union, whether it’s to learn about our products and services, to review your accounts or to pay your bills, you are entering a secure area. At HRCCU, protecting you and your personal information is our priority.

How We Protect You

To ensure the best protection possible, we use a layered approach to securing your account information. Layered security is the use of different security or access controls at various points throughout the transaction process. To further increase your safety, HRCCU has recently added multiple security measures and industry-standard technologies to provide enhanced protection from fraud and identity theft.

Our layered security approach includes a combination of the following measures, based on the nature of the transaction:

  • Enhanced Authentication -We use multifactor authentication in conjunction with other security controls. Multi-factor authentication includes the following controls to verify you as a member. Something you know (passwords and PIN protection), something you have (device identification), and something you are (touch-id).
  • Fraud Detection and Monitoring -Includes analysis and consideration of the customer’s history and behavior and enables us to respond timely to detected anomalies.
  • Enhanced Transaction Verification -Techniques we use to verify a transaction during submission include:
    • Payment limits -Use of payment controls such as transaction limits, transaction confirmation, payment velocity or payment threshold controls.
    • Subsequent Verification -Reporting or notification to a designated authorizer to confirm a transaction.
    • Out of Band Validation -Validation by means other than that by which the transaction was originated.
  • Encryption – HRCCU and its service providers use security software that encrypts the information you send us. Encryption is a process that transforms sensitive information into a string of unrecognizable characters before they are sent over the Internet and helps keep your information private between the HRCCU systems and your computer.
  • IP Monitoring -We block activity from IP addresses with known or suspected fraudulent activities.

Current Rates

Auto Loans
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Fixed Rate 36 Month
APR as low as
Fixed Rate 15-year fixed
Home Equity Line of Credit
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Fixed Rate 5-year fixed
VISA Credit Card
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  VISA Platinum Credit Card