School Banking Program

School Banking

At HRCCU, we believe there is no better time for kids to start saving money than right now.

That’s why HRCCU helps children learn the importance of saving and lifelong financial skills with school banking.

How School Banking Works

  1. HRCCU and the school reach out to parents of students informing them of the program.
  2. Interested parents can then open a federally insured interest-bearing savings account at their local HRCCU branch for their child (if they do not already have one). There is an initial minimum deposit of $5 to open the account, but weekly deposits can be as little as $0.25.
  3. An HRCCU representative visits the school weekly at a mutually agreed upon day and time while school is in session to collect Student Saver deposits.
  4. If a student makes a deposit at school that week then they receive a prize.
  5. At the end of the year, participating students are invited to tour their local HRCCU branch where they learn about real money collection.

Email us today to learn more about bringing the School Banking Program to your school.

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