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adult man wearing a black sweater tying a gold bow on a holiday gift wrapped in gold and white wrapping paper

Get a Holiday Loan in Time for the Gift-Giving Season

The holiday season feels like it comes quicker and quicker every year. And it’s easy to become overwhelmed as expenses add up over time. We all want to give the perfect gifts to those we love and create a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime. Many of us try to save money throughout… Read more »

Why Might Skip-A-Pay Be for You?

Each year, HRCCU offers its members the Skip-a-Pay program twice per year, in the summer and the winter. The loan must be at least six months old to qualify for the program. HRCCU offers the option to skip on the following loans: personal loans, VISA credit cards, auto loans (excluding GreenLight Auto Loans), boat and… Read more »

Ready, Set, Go. The Facts About GREENLight Auto Loans

So, you’re in the market for a new vehicle, and you’ve done your research. You’ve found the one. The “new car” scent already permeates your senses, and you imagine yourself looking good in your new ride. Start your engines, you’re ready to roll. But wait, what about financing? Have you done your homework on that part… Read more »

There May Be Deals on Used Pickup Trucks This Year

Pickup trucks usually command good prices at used vehicle auctions. Dealers reported that 2016 was an especially strong year for pickup resale — but Kelley Blue Book says that might change this year. KBB said that average values for one-year to three-year-old pickup trucks have remained strong as a result of high demand at auction, despite fuel… Read more »

Why Do New Car Prices Keep Going Up?

New vehicle transaction prices have reached absurd levels in recent years. In fact, Americans now pay an average of $34,968 for a new vehicle, according to a report from Kelley Blue Book data from January 2017. Manufacturer lease deals, low interest financing, and stretched out repayment terms have all been brought to bear to make expensive vehicles… Read more »