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adult couple holding blueprints for a new home standing inside the new structure

6 Things You Can Do to Save Money While Building a House

When you’re looking to move, the question of whether it’s better to buy a home or build something new can linger in the back of your mind. If you opt to purchase a home, the square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property, and more are already determined. Those who decide to build a home may… Read more »

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Does Working from Home Save You Money?

As the events of the coronavirus pandemic began to unfold throughout 2020, businesses around the globe had to shift from working in office spaces to remote working. Even though remote jobs had already been increasing in popularity due to technological updates and restructuring businesses, the ability to work from home became essential for many of… Read more »

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5 of the Best Short-Term Investment Options in 2021

For many of us, our goal is to live comfortably — especially during the golden years of retirement. To do so, financial investments are essential. And as we learned from 2020, our nation’s economy and individual financial stability can be compromised, leaving many people scrambling for income. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, 2021 could be… Read more »

adult sitting at a table creating their budget with a white Samsung tablet and papers showing graphs and pie charts

4 Steps to Creating & Sustaining a Budget

For many adults, creating a budget can feel frightening or overwhelming. And being able to stick to a budget can feel like an impossible task. But a budget is one of the most important financial tools a person can establish for themselves. It’s also something anyone can benefit from, no matter their age or income…. Read more »

older man and woman sitting at a wooden table with financial paperwork shaking the hand of a retirement planning financial advisor

4 Ways to Start Saving for Retirement Right Away

Something many of us look forward to during our adult life is the ability to retire and enjoy our golden years. If you haven’t started saving money yet, now is the time to start. But it’s easier said than done if you aren’t sure where to begin. Whether you begin saving through a work-related 401(k)… Read more »

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5 Tips to Hit Your Money Saving Goals

Saving money is easier said than done for many people. Setting goals, focusing on what’s important to you, and creating a plan are essential components that will lead to you achieving your saving goals. Whether it’s saving for a new car, a vacation, new home, or retirement, these money management tips can help you reach… Read more »

woman with pink and purple painted fingernails holding a white iPhone looking at the stock market rates

Quick Guide to Financial Investments for Beginners

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding investing is that it’s only for the wealthy or the well-to-do. To some extent, this may have been true in the past, but now there are investment opportunities for everyone — whether you already know what to do or need some assistance. There are resources available, especially for beginners,… Read more »

adult man and woman giving each other a high-five while holding moving boxes standing inside their new home

8 Tips for Buying a House for the First Time

There are fewer things in your adult life that can be more stressful — and exciting — than buying a first home. Like other big projects, a successful homebuying experience relies on ensuring you have the right details and information from start to finish. These first-time homebuyer tips will help you navigate the homebuying process,… Read more »

woman wearing black wide-brimmed hat sitting at a white table looking at a map of the United States planning a trip with a silver laptop near her

How to Travel on a Budget

For most of us, we spend our days scrolling through social media, daydreaming of warm, sandy beaches and a relaxing vacation. And even though the coronavirus pandemic has put quite a few plans on hold, we can use this time to learn ways to better budget our travel for the future. Planning a vacation on… Read more »

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4 Ways to Get Free Financial Advice

When it comes to advice, many of us have grown accustomed to asking friends and family members for their thoughts. In some scenarios, this might be the right course of action. But, when it comes to finances, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional. And who doesn’t want expert guidance when it comes… Read more »