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Creative Ways to Save Money Each Month

Saving money can be overwhelming. Maybe you want to save enough for a vacation, or maybe you want to pay off your student loans in five years instead of 20. Whatever your financial goals are, it is important to create and follow a plan to save money. The beginning of each year is a fresh… Read more »

Tips & Tricks for Buying Your Next Car

Buying a new car is exciting, intimidating, and stressful. It’s an important decision that requires you to understand your own finances to know which cars fit into your budget. Doing your research beforehand can prepare you for the car buying process. Looking into the trade-in value of your current car and deciding what you want… Read more »

What are GREENLight Auto Loans?

Buying a new car can be an exciting process — but it’s also stressful. There are so many things to consider. From gas mileage to utility, new vehicles or a used one, and of course …  cost. There’s no getting around the fact that a vehicle is a big financial commitment. Thankfully, your friends at… Read more »

Building & Maintaining Good Credit with HRCCU

Whether you want to purchase a new car, your first home or even apply for a credit card, building a strong credit history is important. If you already have great credit, then you want to maintain it. If your credit is less than stellar, you might be dreading every credit check process. One of the… Read more »

The 64th Annual Meeting

Each year, HRCCU hosts an Annual Meeting where the Board of Directors and members meet to discuss the future of the credit union, new products and services, and more. The meeting reviews HRCCU’s financial performance and accomplishments during the previous year and allows its members to be an integral part of HRCCU’s planning. As a… Read more »

The Benefits of a First-Time Home Buyer Program at a Credit Union

Spring has arrived and with it comes new beginnings, fresh ideas, and a desire to shake off winter’s slumber to embark on a new adventure. Perhaps your desire to acquire a first home is blossoming once again. Now is the right time, and HRCCU’s Mortgage Center is the perfect place to start.

Member Satisfaction Survey Results

At Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU), we are devoted to the satisfaction of our members, the integrity of their financial investments, and their overall satisfaction with our products and services. To help us better serve our members and ensure we are meeting their needs, we conduct ongoing HRCCU member satisfaction surveys, as well surveys… Read more »

It’s all Relative: The Best Accounts for your Family

Like most people, you have a checking account, or two, and probably a savings account as well. Perhaps you’ve thought about saving for a family vacation or your child’s college fund. At Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU), we want to help your family get beyond basic checking and savings with a number of products… Read more »

Spotlight on HRCCU’s Dedicated Supervisory Committee Volunteers: Part 3

Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU) is devoted to its members and the integrity of their financial investments. One example of this member-centric mission is a supervisory committee, which is a committee of volunteers that work to keep member’s best interests a top priority. The core purpose of the Supervisory Committee is to strengthen the… Read more »