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Spotlight on Dedicated Supervisory Committee Volunteers for HRCCU

Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU) is devoted to its members and the integrity of their financial investments. As part of its overall structure (and a deep desire to remain member-centric), a supervisory committee of volunteers was established to keep members’ best interests a top priority. The HRCCU Supervisory Committee’s core purpose is to strengthen all the… Read more »

Advantages of Joining a Credit Union

In choosing a financial institution to trust with your hard-earned money, you might wonder whether you should join a bank or a credit union. There’s certainly no shortage of options when looking for a new financial institution, but it’s important to understand the differences between banks and credit unions to find the one that fits… Read more »

HRCCU Community Outreach Recap

It’s no secret that at Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU), we are committed to providing the best credit union services for our members. As dedicated as we are to our members, we are equally dedicated to helping the communities we serve. We are particularly devoted to planning and participating in outreach events that assist… Read more »

Your Certificate of Deposit has the Moves: Bump-Up to the Next Level!

At Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU), your eligible certificate of deposit could be moving up because of our Bump-Up Certificate program. Our certificate of deposit rates is already enticing, but our Bump-Up Certificate program, which launched on August 1, 2017, allows you to capture an even better rate during the certificate’s 48- or 60-month term. This… Read more »

Ready, Set, Go. The Facts About GREENLight Auto Loans

So, you’re in the market for a new vehicle, and you’ve done your research. You’ve found the one. The “new car” scent already permeates your senses, and you imagine yourself looking good in your new ride. Start your engines, you’re ready to roll. But wait, what about financing? Have you done your homework on that part… Read more »

Why are Mortgage Rates in a Holding Pattern?

Mortgage rates shot way up in the first three months of the year, then dropped a bit. Last week they mostly stayed put, according to Bankrate’s weekly national survey.

HRCCU Sponsors the Corinth Volunteer Fire Department

HRCCU values our community and the first responders who protect us and our members, especially firefighters. HRCCU sponsored the painting of the Corinth Volunteer Fire Department truck with our community sponsorship program. The newly etched lettering of the Corinth Volunteer Fire Department fire truck was unveiled Tuesday, March 28, at the Corinth Fire Department. The… Read more »

A Guide to Starting the Home Buying Process

Buying a home is usually pretty intimidating. You may have found the home of your dreams or the fixer upper you have had your eye on for a while. However, you need to know what you can afford, what your options are, and all of the costs associated with a home purchase. It’s hard to… Read more »